Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fishing on Lake Conroe

It's that time of year for the annual company Management Meeting at the Woodlands Conference center. One afternoon meeting goers had to choose between several team building activities and I was asked to coordinate the fishing activity.

Lake Conroe is a short 30 minute drive away from The Woodlands and one marina is home to several guides that take sports out in pontoon boats for a variety of freshwater fishing.

The weather was blustery and overcast but no significant chance of rain or t-storms.

The wind turned out to be a big factor and the guides had trouble holding the boat over the spot they identified for us to fish.

Every boat caught some fish and we didn't have anybody fall in or get a hook in the eye so I guess the trip will be considered a success.

I'm not skunked!

Yellow Bass caught with a slab spoon

White Bass

My big fish of the day - 14" White Bass

We had six boats and 33 fishermen. The total fish count was 74 with a 20 3/4 inch channel cat being the big fish of the day. One hybrid bass was landed that just missed the big fish prize by a quarter inch.

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Bawana said...

Looks like once again they picked the right man for the job! To bad it had to blow but that is part of the game. Still working on a video.