Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hopeless Romantic

Who says I'm not romantic?

This year for Valentine's Day I bought my wife some candy - chocolate no less.

You would think that would reveal my true feelings and demonstrate that life is about more than fishing. After all, I've heard that spending too much time on any one thing is unhealthy.

Sure, I looked at the Whitman's sampler and I studied all the heart-shaped boxes but I've just gotta be me!

Hey - last year I gave her a sheepskin! This is a step up.

We did do a little yarn shopping over the weekend and enjoyed a nice dinner together on Monday.

I got a couple of new fishing books and a great card.

She also honored me by posting a story about my parents on her blog: Wool Windings

Roses are red and violets are squishy
I'm a happy husband but the candy is fishy!

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Zachary said...

Hi. Great site you've got here! This may interest some people. I was looking for fly fishing pics and stumbled accross this site - fly fishing gear. Quite impressive pics of trout, but not really the scenery I was looking for. Anyone know where I can find some more actual fly fishing, open country type images?