Friday, February 10, 2006


It's that time of year again.

I was in Utah for the week and after traveling all Sunday afternoon from Houston to Salt Lake City, I got up early and drove to Vernal and back on Monday. The business meeting started Monday evening and went late into the night. Up early again on Tuesday for the marathon day of flip charts, goals, planning, and discussions. It was a productive time but by Tuesday evening we were all needing a break.

I took the last few minutes of daylight to visit the Heber Valley and to see if the "confidence bait" could tempt a brown from the pool at the "not-so-secret" spot.

I got to see the Heber Creeper a historic steam train that runs through the valley.

Once again the white Roostertail came through.

This one's for you Paul!


eatmorefish said...

It is nice to know the white rooster tail will always bring back some fond fish memories of the not so secret pool. As long as you still are pulling the fish out of there with it. I am ready for some clear water fishing and a nice rod bending from a trout.

Bawana said...

I tried to order some white rooster tails around here but thier all sold out, you guys know anything about this?