Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bass Bugs

I'm getting ready to continue the fish study in Lake Evans.

This weekend I got to add to the collection of bass flies. I picked up a couple from Gander Mountain and tied up some marabou jigs.

This is a diver made from deer hair and rabbit fur.

This is a classic deer hair popper. It has some green & white marabou and some feathers and is supposed to imitate a frog as you retrieve it across the surface.

Rabbit fur and lamb's wool make up this leech. The rubber legs add movement.

This one will fish sub-surface.

This cone-head zonker has some rubber legs that will draw attention to this fly.

A yellow & red deceiver. This may be tied for salt or fresh water. It is an attractor pattern.

These marabou jigs are tied on a 1/16 oz round jighead hook.

I want to try this in different sizes and colors.

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Nice bugs!
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