Sunday, February 05, 2006

Even Trade

It pays to read the fine print.

Earlier this year, I received an e-mail from my former boss - recently retired - asking me if I would be willing to sign for the retiree luncheon. He also said that I could make a brief presentation about Safety if I wanted to. I didn't quite get what he was asking me to sign but I replied, "I'm available - and willing! ", expecting to show a couple of our recent PowerPoint presentations on Safety and see some old friends.

Imagine the surprise when I received this note in return, "I'm delighted that you are available and willing. What type microphone do you need? I know the group will enjoy your music and any information on Safety."

Wait a minute, did I miss something? I do play guitar and write songs... and I did send this guy a couple of my latest home recordings around the holidays...

I went back to the original e-mail and sure enough there it was. He had misspelled "sing" as "sign"!

Oh well no harm done. I was pretty rusty but as one fine gentleman told me, "It won't matter. None of us can hear very good anyway!"

I was able to get through a few songs and really enjoyed visiting with some old and new friends. I have some songs posted on a blog, Home Made Music.

My biggest surprise came when Floyd handed me a token of their appreciation - a gift card to Bass Pro Shop. Floyd knows all about my passion for fishing and he felt this was a sure way to support his local economy of Katy, TX and to prevent me from blowing cash on anything but fishing gear.

Now the good part. I purchased a new fly rod!

I got a White River Classic 3 piece 4-wt medium fast rod for fishing small streams. It is only 6'9" long and will be perfect for tight brushy areas like Daniels Creek. It will handle up to a fair sized fish 1-1.5 lbs and will cast short distances in moderate wind conditions.

I know, you are probably thinking that I recently bought a new TFO TiCrX so what gives?

I have a couple of 5-wt rods and a 6-wt now. All are long 8'6" and 9' and all can handle the reels and lines I have assembled. This new addition will also work with the 5-wt lines as I won't be casting very far. Since I won't have as much line out, the 5-wt line will load the 4-wt rod and it should cast great.

One day I may get a new reel with a 4-wt line for calm quiet days and delicate presentations.

The new rod came with a protective sock and a rod tube so it was the perfect addition to the collection.

Thanks Floyd & all the retirees. Your generosity is appreciated!

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