Thursday, November 12, 2009

South Texas Critters

I like to photograph animals no matter how strange they may seem.

On my way out the door to hit the road for a work trip to South Texas, I nearly walked into this guy.

This wolf spider had stretched her net from the tree to the Jeep and to the house. That would have been quite a shock had I ended up with this big girl down my neck!

While giving a tour at one of our facilities, I noticed something under the right side of this CP rectifier.

A closer inspection showed that had we not been paying attention we might have payed a price!

Some say the mosquitoes are the state bird of South Texas. This "Purple Rain" variety was captured before I needed a transfusion.

One of our facilities sits on the Upper Laguna Madre just outside of Corpus Christi. This fine looking whitetail poses in front of the old CPL facility adjacent to our site.

Down in Falfurias they grow beetles big enough for a meal. They do make your fingers stink though!

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