Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday in the Marsh

After morning services on Sunday, we returned to Matagorda. I had scheduled to be off work on Monday so we had a bonus day at PPRV #7.

Check out the sunset at 3-Mile lake!

On Monday we headed out to East Matagorda Bay to see if we could use the tracks and experience we had gained with Captain Bill. Here we are at the pipeline crossing.

Unfortunately as we approached the cut into the bay, the wind started to kick up and we decided not to press our luck. We fished some spots on the ICW and headed in for lunch with no fish to speak of. After lunch we loaded the yaks and headed off to the marsh where we would be more protected from the wind.

The redfish were small but willing to take the live shrimp we were offering.

Our light wire hooks took a beating from the crushing force of the red's jaws.

Tracy shows off her little red.

They weren't all throwbacks though as Tracy displays the his n' hers redfish.

These two were a matched set with barely 1/2 inch separating them.

Here is a smile that's worth a million bucks. She is happily catching small fish!

Tracy caught this cool "three spotter" near the usual corner.

We should name this guy "domino".

Big John back at the launch as the sun is getting right.

Two hands of gold! The color on these fish was exceptional.

Can you say "supper"?

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