Thursday, November 12, 2009


A three day work trip to South Texas ended up with lunch at Kings Inn on Baffin Bay.

After lunch it was time for the manager to do some "coaching". I had brought along some fishing gear and promised to play guide for some new anglers.

We were properly licensed, and had purchased some fresh-dead shrimp. The weather was beautiful and the fish were willing!

The crew heads down the plank on the pier at SeaWind park.

Here is Alexandra with her first croaker. Now you know why they call them that!

Dharma caught this whiting and I think she also caught fishing fever.

Dharma's redfish thought he was a speckled trout.

Here we are with a triple - I had a small speck, Dharma had a whiting, and Alex had silver perch, aka yellow tail.

These guys are a pretty fish no matter what the size.

We all caught our share of reds. This little guy is showing off his spot.

Dharma even managed to hook the ultimate bait stealer - the pinfish.

We caught seven different species of fish and though they were small everyone had fun and caught fish. I'd say that would qualify it for a successful coaching session.

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