Saturday, September 20, 2008

The New Three Mile Lake

We made the trek to Matagorda again this weekend and found that the high storm tide pushed much of the beach sand up into the Three Mile Lake area. This not only changed the topography of the entrance, but blocked some of the water's return as it receded back to the Gulf.

Some of the access tracks are still flooded so we fished in a different spot.

This is the terminus of the sand looking back towards the beach. It is a layer nearly 2 feet thick.

Tracy makes a nice cast. She avoided the hardheads and bait stealers while I was not as fortunate.

When this gal gets on her game face the fishing gets serious!

After catching a smaller rat red, she hooked up this nice redfish. Too small for the stringer but full of fight and a classic single-spot specimen.

Back you go Sir... Grow quickly and we may meet again.

This sunset was from the previous day after our return to Spoonbills for supper. Thank God this beautiful spot was spared the devastation of the hurricane.


Paul Batchelder said...

Looks like Matagorda will get some more company. Reports are grim for galveston bay.

Bawana said...

John I'm glad your favorite spot was not part of the devastation.