Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike (in the rear view mirror)

With Ike on the way we decided to hook up the trailer and bug out to the Texas Hill Country.

We stayed in Comfort amidst some curious wildlife like this pretty whitetail.

The nearly-full moon was rising as the colorful evening light faded out of the eastern sky.

To the west the last blazes of sunlight made for an interesting silhouette.

We made the trip to Fredericksburg to visit the cemetery where my parents are buried.

Some friends and co-workers from Bay City joined us at the Feathered Horse Ranch.

Tracy put out a feeder and we enjoyed the hummers.

Taking a break in the juniper.

When we arrived home the only damage was to our basketball goal which would have nailed the "mobile tacklebox" had it been parked in its usual spot.

We had quite a bit of leaf litter and small branches to clean up but we didn't have any roof or water damage like some of our neighbors did.

We took a drive to Matagorda to see how things looked. Here is the view from the launch at McNab Lake. Quite a bit of flooding but no serious damage.

This is the view from the bridge on Cemetery road towards the Intracoastal. The pier was washed out and is shown in the foreground.

This is the trash line near the entrance to Matagorda Bay Nature Park looking north.

The RV park was closed due to the debris that needs to be removed before folks will be camping here.

Jetty park looked OK and the sky was begging for a picture.

Tracy has some additional pics on her blog.

The Palacios area was spared and the local paper, The Palacios Beacon has a good article with pictures. Looks like the 1st street pier got a good cleaning but was not dammaged.

God be with those who were not as fortunate.


Bawana said...

Glad you made out ok. Thanks for sending out the information as soon as you did it was a relief to hear that you were both safe.

Paul Batchelder said...

Looks like flounder territory!