Friday, August 29, 2008

She catches all the Big Fish

Up at 4:30AM to see Matt & Carly off...

As long as we're up we might as well go fishing!

We had loaded the boats the night before and headed to Jensen Point on Turtle Bay near Palacios for an early morning paddle. Tracy posted some nice sunrise shots we got as I was preparing the boats for the launch.

The sky was pretty as we fished our way down this line of old posts looking for a flounder.

After an hour or so, I managed to trick a small redfish on a topwater and we beat it back to the launch as the sun quickly began to heat up the day.

This lone egret stayed behind to continue his watchful vigil.

We moved over to Matagorda and rode down to Three Mile Lake. Tracy soon began to catch fish and hers all seemed to be bigger than mine. Now I've said a lot about how size is not the important thing but I have to say, my competitive side began to show after a while.

Here is a nice black drum caught by Tracy.

This is the largest croaker I've ever seen. Tracy handled it with ease.

She caught the biggest hardhead and this big sting ray. Even though we didn't catch any keepers it was fun to burn through some bait and enjoy the afternoon together.

After eating our picnic supper we headed back to Palacios for a little pier fishing and guess what Tracy caught? Not only was this the biggest trout we caught, it seemed to be the biggest one caught on the pier. That long walk to the car carying a big trout on a stringer will get you the respect of all the night time fishers!

She is getting pretty good with the MirrOdine.

I think I know what we are having for lunch tomorrow!

Be sure to bring your pliers when handling this predator.


Bawana said...

Looks like fun! Great shots of the fish, Tracy is a natural at this game!

Paul Batchelder said...

Nice shot with the fish and Tracy!