Friday, August 22, 2008

Ladies Night

Friday turned out to be another work at home day. We've been doing some software demos that are done over the Internet and conference calls so I can save the drive in to work and be ready for an afternoon departure to Matagorda.

Tracy and I visited McNab and the tide was low again. There were a couple of gals fishing off the point near the intracoastal canal and we joined them for a short time to see if we caould find a flounder near local structure of piers, pilings, and reefs.

While we didn't find any flounder, Tracy tagged this nice trout on a 'Pounder. So far we have caught flounder, reds and now trout on this versatile plastic bait. It will remain a regular fixture in my box from now on.

I finally managed a rat red on a home rigged tube jig. I used the hardware off the flounder pounder that the redfish had destroyed last trip and a pumpkinseed tube from my bass fishing bag.

The only other fisherman that was having any success was this egret.

After eating our picnic supper we decided to make the run to Palacios for some evening pier fishing. The summer crowds were pretty much gone as school is about to crank up and we were nearly alone except for two ladies out for a little R&R.

We fished the shad rigs and mirrOdine and caught our share of sand trout and quite a few Ladyfish. These acrobatic jumpers are a blast to catch - especially when combined with a trout on the second hook.

The specks moved in about 10pm and we caught them on the 'dine and I tricked a few on various topwater offerings.

The best one was a Heddon Tiny Torpedo shown below.

This one is an example of one rigged with twin treble hooks.

The clear version below was the ticket for the night feeding specks under the pier lights.

We didn't put any fish on the stringer but a good time was had by all.

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Bawana said...

The Heddon torpedo is a favorite up this way too. I did well with the blue and silver on this lake.