Thursday, August 28, 2008

Matagorda Mindset

When you visit the beach in Matagorda, Texas there are a few things you must get straight in your mind. First you have to get your eyes to look up once in a while to see the grand sky scenery.

Next you have to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is all around you. Sometimes it is in front of you and sometimes it is behind, but beauty is always a glance away.

Bring a friend or two along to enjoy the day.

Handy driftwood can be used to establish a pecking order.

See I told you there was beauty all around!

When you get the notion, string up a rod and cast into the surf. You never know what you might catch and each type and species is unique and special.

Ladyfish may not be one of the Texas Slam but the "Poor Man's Tarpon" will test your skills.

On a blue-water day, Matagorda can seem like it should be thronged with people but today we had it all to ourselves.

Take time to do a few coconut presses just to keep in shape.

Gather some pumice rocks and natural sandstone coasters. Look for some sea beans and other beach treasures.

But when collecting shells on a beach that is home to several head of cattle, be mindful of where you pick.

Above all, enjoy the majesty and glory that God has provided.

Just be careful that the Matagorda Mindset doesn't set in too deep!

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Bawana said...

Nice Post John we all need to be reminded of those truths.