Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fish Stories

I'm being unfairly accused of telling fish stories.

Friday finally came and everything looked promising for a great evening of fishing at the Palacios sea wall. Paul was planning on joining me and as was my Safety Sidekick, Ron.

I've been talking about all the fun I've been having catching trout under the lights with Ron and others at the office and I was pumped that he was going to come down and catch some Texas Trout.

Best laid plans......

The weather man said that the wind was supposed to be blowing out of the South but when Paul arrived ahead of us he reported that it was blowing out of the East (little did we know but that was bad).

We fished "The Wall", "The Corner", "The Light", the 1st Street Pier, the Pavilion Pier and the mini-jetties. I finally caught one small croaker on a glow grub dangled off the Pavilion Pier T-head.

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Two Fishermen

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Night Hunter

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The haunted tree

I know the fish were somewhere. They just happened to be somewhere else.



Bawana said...

I don't know why but an east wind was the kiss of death for fishing up here too.

eatmorefish said...

Sounds like the wicked witch of the east!