Sunday, October 30, 2005

Boat In A Bag

Usually when I get a bright idea the result ends up short of my expectations. That's OK because I am very adaptive and can adjust my expectations without letting it ruin my day (too much). When I first unpacked my TU Colorado Pontoon Boat, I had the bright idea of finding a couple of bags to pack all the pieces in for easy transport.

The whole boat weighs enough to convince me that dividing everything up into two bags would be ideal. If I could only locate the perfect bags....

I tried a couple of unsuccessful candidates then located one at Gander Mountain that seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Its called "The Runner" wheeled duffle made by Camp Inn. GM had the 36" model and I found that I could fit the seat and seat frame, foot pegs, rear platform frame, rear cargo platform, and all hardware - everything except the pontoons, side frames, and oars in this bag.

I also learned that Camp Inn made a 42" model that turned out to be just the size I needed for the pontoons and side frames. I found one on-line at Your Outdoor Outfitter.

The oars are just a little too long but I intend on finding a bag for them too.

Now the rest of the story.

It's rare these days to experience excellent customer service. I've come to expect certain inevitabilities in the 21st century like buttons that don't stay on for more than a day, or minor defects in merchandise that are more of a nuisance that anything else.

When the bag from YODO arrived I was excited and eager to pack the boat. After I got the pontoons in I noticed a minor flaw in the workmanship - a poorly installed rivet.

Not to be put off, I found a similar sized bolt and repaired the defect.

Enter Dustin Buel from YODO. He called just minutes after I performed the repair asking if I had received the order and if everything was OK. I told him about the rivet and that I had already fixed it. He wanted to follow up with the Camp Inn folks because he said they were very interested in providing quality. He told me to go ahead and use the bag for the weekend and that he would get back with me.

Dustin called me back minutes later and gave me instructions on returning the bag for an exchange. He e-mailed me with the address to ship the bag to and will be sending me a RMA # and a UPS Shipping number so I don't pay for shipping. He will also be shipping me out a new replacement bag. That's what I call service!

Thanks Dustin

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Thank you for your kind words. We work hard to make sure our fellow outdoor folks are happy with our service.

Thank you again
Dustin & Tara

Anonymous said...

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Damien said...

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