Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tracy's Slam

The woman is on fire!

We had a church function on Saturday morning but managed to launch the boat and head to the "Hole" by about 2PM. It was a little breezy but overall the weather was nice - warm and sunny.

Tracy dropped her live shrimp into the sandy green water and watched as her pink cork drifted along near the interface of clear and cloudy water kicked up by the wake of passing boats. This interface coincided with a drop off and was a great place to find a waiting hungry fish. The first bite was a keeper flounder which promptly went in the box. Soon after, I connected with a keeper trout so the pressure was off and we settled in to a slow but steady bite.

Not long after we both had caught several trout including some keepers, Tracy commented that she needed a redfish to complete her slam. Well let me tell you she got her wish!

This shot shows her in full fight mode. Mr. Redfish put up a good fight but he had no idea who he was tangling with. This girl was on a mission!

Here is the happy slammer! There was no doubt about the smile that a 26" redfish can produce.

I had to take a shot to show that she caught and fought the beast with a #8 treble hook.
The evening sun put a silver sheen on the water as Tracy continued to search for more fish. After a slow period we decided to cross over to the other side of the channel and that turned out to be a great plan. The wind started to lay down and we found fish out in the channel near the outflow of the marsh drain. Tracy continued her tear with the live shrimp under the pink cork and connected with this 19" trout which was the biggest of the day.

Here we are at the cleaning table as the sun was slipping down below the horizon. A Texas saltwater fisherman's dream - The Slam! Tracy is now the official envy of all my fishing friends. We ended up with quite a haul of fish - 9 trout, one big red and a nice flounder. We got checked by the game warden on the way in but we were well within the legal limit on size and number of fish. I'm thankful to my dad for instilling in me a responsible attitude about game conservation and the importance of obeying game laws. He was a man of integrity and expected the same from us.

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