Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Fine Mess!

What do you call a bunch of cows? A herd.

What about a group of whales? A pod.

Generally when you consider a collection of fish they are called a school - that is unless they are on a stringer or in the ice chest after a good day of fishing - then they are called "a mess of fish".

We made our way to the river on Friday in time for a little topwater action before dark.

It's hard to beat the sight of a speckled trout hitting a dog-walking hard bait.

We ended up with three trout in the bag before turning in for the night but that was just the beginning of a banner weekend of catching.

We were using live shrimp and were fishing up the river in the new spot - Eagle's Cove. Shrimp is fun to fish with as you never know what you will catch.

We caught a nice variety of fish including this flounder. The gafftop were also bothersome but we were able to put up with them to get to the real target species.

We found that quite a few keeper specks were in the area and made their way into casting range as we stayed anchored up along the high bank out of the gusty wind.

Both of us caught fish and while Tracy's keepers were bigger and I had more in the box I think we ended up catching almost the same number and weight overall.

We had enough for a delicious meal and to give away to three families from church.

It was a lot of fun and a sign that with the warming of Spring comes better fishing.