Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Utah Trout Fishing

Some say that Utah has the greatest snow on earth. Skiiers flock to the mountains near Salt Lake City to strap on the boards and go zipping down the slopes.

They can have it - I'll take fishing any day.

On a recent work trip my trusty photographer and number one wife accompanied me. She asked me to pose for a shot on my way to the big swirly hole. "Hurry up already - there are fish waiting!"

This time of year presents the fisherman with some unique challenges. Not only is it cold, the vegetation is gone in and around the stream so you really have to sneak up to keep from spooking the pool.

Tracy says I look like I am praying for fish - not a bad idea any time you want to ask God for His blessings or to thank Him for the opportunity to fish.

I found one willing fish. You can tell Tracy is keeping her distance with the camera.

Before long I caught another. This is a nice healthy German Brown.

And here is a happy fisherman!

It doesn't get any better than this. I don't even feel the cold at this point.

I continued to catch some small browns.

I even found this nice Rainbow down below the trestle in the big riffle.

Here is a shot looking back at the small stretch of Snake Creek - one of my favorite spots.

I had another meeting last week and this time I was flying solo.

It was only in the teens and I only had a short time before sundown so I'd better get to it.

Have you ever seen a Brown trout trying to make a snow angel?

I was using a 1/8 oz Panther Martin in the Brook Trout pattern. This seems to be the ticket on Snake Creek in the winter.

The snow covered mountains are beautiful but I don't think I'm ready to move back to the cold country anytime soon.

My final fish of the trip was a nice fat rainbow caught in the big riffle.

You would think that I would someday tire of fishing this small creek and want to graduate up to the Provo River. It's just a hundred yards or so away and there are undoubtedly more and larger fish in the Blue Ribbon river but I like the familiarity and the predictability of Snake Creek. I think I'll stay with it as long as it remains open to public fishing.

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