Saturday, October 09, 2010

Slammed Again

There was a fishing tournament this weekend on our home waters.

The Texas Three Some benefits an after school program for children in Matagorda. The winners must have the heaviest stringer of one trout, one red, and one flounder. There are also cash prizes for the heaviest of each type of fish. We are not "Tournament People" - just a couple of empty-nesters catching some fresh fish to eat and share with our friends.

We got on the water just a little before sunrise and this was the scene behind the boat on the way down the Diversion Channel.

Tracy had asked me earlier, "why are we getting up so early?" This picture of the sun breaking the eastern horizon should be enough of an explanation.

We had a pretty good morning - Tracy caught the red first and I followed up with a trout and a flounder. I'd call that a shared slam or a slam for the boat. The Second Honeymoon fishing team does it again! We caught enough small fish to use up most of the bait and overall had a great morning of fishing.

After lunch, cleaning the fish, and cleaning the boat I paddled out to McNab Lake to search for a hungry redfish. I found one! This guy took a live mullet and gave me a true Texas Sleigh Ride! I may have to rename McNab Lake to L.O.M.G. - Land Of Many Gators. I had a couple of close encounters and saw one nine-footer do a Shamu style belly flop off the bank but for the most part they avoided me and I did likewise.

I doubt that our morning stringer would have won any prizes in the tournament, but I would love to have had the big red to take to the weigh in.

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