Monday, September 06, 2010

My Turn for a Slam

Holiday weekend...Monday off...usually that means lots of extra folks on the water competing with us for peace and quiet. We had some fun with the trout under the lights on Friday night but all were too small to keep.

We started out the day on Saturday early enough to see this sunrise at the ICW bridge.

Tracy hadn't been catching her share lately so when she hooked up with this nice red I had to get a picture even though he was a little short for the box.

That soon changed when the next hookup was with this nice two spot keeper! I don't know who was happier - Tracy or the guide!

I added my contribution to the box as well with this healthy red. The picture makes it look big but it was no match for the two spot already in the box.

Tracy was being pestered by something small and finally figured out it was needlefish that were chomping and chasing her live shrimp.

We boxed three keepers with Tracy's big one in the middle. Somebody will be eating fresh fish soon!

This was my nemesis - a bob tailed stingray. I caught this guy twice! The first time he took the hook deep so I just cut the line and later that day I caught him again in nearly the same spot and he was still sporting the mono leader from earlier.

We went back home Saturday night so we could attend services on Sunday with the church. After returning on Sunday afternoon, Tracy scored off the bank with another keeper redfish.

I was slow-fishing some live mullet and shad and found my own keeper - this nice 19" flounder.

The hummers were active and as the clouds began to build behind the trailer, Tracy enjoyed taking pictures of the tiny emerald aerialists from the comfort of the deck.

We put the light out again after dark and after a couple hours of little fish, I finally caught a keeper speck on a live mullet. Tracy had already gone to bed and I had to get her up to take my picture. All I needed now was a red and I would have a slam!

Before long I caught not one but two reds including this big bad boy. I thought he might spool me before I was finally able to convince him that he needed to turn back from heading across the river. It was a good fight and likely would have made a good video as I struggled with the net and rod while trying not to fall in.

Monday morning found us heading down the Diversion channel to the entrance to the cut where we normally fish. We stopped along the way and tried a new spot as we waited for a small rain shower to pass.

We didn't find the fish there but I did get some great early morning pictures.

We eventually moved back to our spot near the ICW and found a couple of keepers. Tracy always catches the pretty multi-spot reds.

I imagine one day catching a couple of keeper reds may not seem all that special but for now it is still a thrill and provides the reason to go back another day. God continues to bless us with fish and this weekend we had quite a haul. We will be sharing with others and thanking the Creator for his bounty.

Our little boat has proven to be just the ticket for some relatively quick and easy access to fun times together. It takes some planning and a little effort but the rewards of getting up early and chasing around in the saltwater has opened up a whole new world to us. I'm so happy that Tracy seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Fish on!

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