Friday, September 17, 2010

Boat Full of Reds

The stormy weather continued as hurricane Karl was coming onshore in Mexico. There was some lightning during the night but when we got up it seemed that everything was looking pretty good and that the storms had calmed down.

I had cast netted some mullet the previous evening and picked up some live shrimp from Russels' in the Matagorda Harbor on my way to get the boat.

When we arrived at our usual spot the high tides had moved the sunken timber around so much that the mouth of the cut was blocked so we crossed the diversion channel and fished a new spot on the opposite bank.

It wans't long before Tracy connected with a nice red. This guy has some shoulders!

The early morning light really shows off the beauty of the fish and the fisher!

You might mistake this for the same fish but if you look closely you will see two spots on this slot red.

Tracy had the hot hands as she here shows off another keeper. She filled her limit of three and helped me with mine as well! Tracy preferred the shrimp and I think the fish did too!

I managed to catch a couple for the box on live mullet. We both caught several other species including gafftop, hardhead, black drum, sheepshead, croaker, and Tracy's new fav - ladyfish.

Once we filled two limits we were able to release several more reds before calling it a morning.

The weather started to turn late in the morning and we dodged a couple of storms before finally heading in just ahead of (well almost ahead of) the heavy stuff. We had to stay under cover for one storm to pass before loading the boat.

Tracy had a great day catching more than her share of reds and even some small trout.

Not a bad stringer for a couple of weekend anglers!

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