Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tracy's Texas Slam

Many Texas saltwater anglers dream about the time when they will catch one of each of the three most popular inshore gamefish - a Speckled Trout, a Redfish, and a Southern Flounder - all in one outing.

My fishing partner crossed that off her bucket list on Saturday.

We started the day fishing in the Diversion Channel near the ICW. We caught some small stuff and I hooked and lost a big fish but early on the day did not look too promising. At Tracy's suggestion, we decided to cross over to the opposite bank and try a new spot. I should listen to her more often! We no sooner arrived at a small cove when she hooked and landed a keeper red. We didn't take time for a picture but soon after that she connected again.

This time the fish was a keeper trout. Hey that's two thirds of a slam already.

We got chased back to the boat launch by a small t-storm and went in for lunch happy but thinking we might get some bonus fishing time in after lunch. This time of year the heat is brutal but the showers and clouds provide some relief in the middle of the day.

When we went back to the cove after lunch it was my turn. I found two keeper reds and we had a nice box of fish. That more than made up for the one I lost in the morning but the day was not over yet! We made one more pass at the grassy shoreline across the channel where we had started the day and on the first cast or two, Tracy dropped her shrimp (now dead) on the head of a keeper flounder.


I could have done a lot better job at photo-documenting this great event but here is the best I could come up with...

This shot is a little better and shows the entire day's catch.

I don't know who was happier about this milestone Tracy or me. All I know is that most of my fishing buddies can't believe that Tracy keeps catching the fish they can only dream about. Like this red, this trout, these flounder, and now the slam!

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