Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cut Off

I may have to give up being the guide. The river was fresh again this weekend even though there was no rain. We heard that the rice farmers upstream were flushing out their fields and deduced that that was the likely cause.

I finally got the opportunity to take my friend Kevin out to McNab to chase the reds. We found plenty of water and an incoming tide so expectations were high that we would find some willing fish.

Kevin spotted a fish with some shoulders chasing bait near one of the reefs and made a great cast with the Sugar Spice Glow Jerk Shad Gulp and it was on - for a few seconds. The fish made his first run along the oyster reef and cut the 12-lb mono instantly.

This was the spot of the tragic loss.

On the way out we saw another fisherman parked in the same spot. (click to enlarge)

It seemed that the warmer temps had brought several critters out of their winter slumber. We saw lots of fiddler crabs, tiny spiders, and at least one gator in all the good spots on the way to the lake. Here is one at the Trout Junction.

When we approached the next spot I call Triple Junction near Little Lake we saw this one just splayed out on the marsh grass sunning himself.

Play this video to see how they disappear before your very eyes.

Here is a closer shot. He didn't even move as we paddled by. The sun did feel good.....

I managed to save the day with this 23" red caught while drifting the south shoreline. I could tell that spring is in the air as he really put up a good fight.

If I could get this guy to pull in the right direction my paddle out against the wind would be a little easier.

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