Saturday, February 27, 2010

Springtime in the Marsh

Looks like the "fast" is past.
I haven't caught a fish in the marsh all winter but now that spring has sprung my luck may have turned.

The water level was as low as I have seen it when I launched after lunch.

I fished the first corner without any success but when I reached Trout Junction, the reds started hitting the dead shrimp I was fishing along the bottom of the channel.

These fish weere too small to keep but plenty big enough to put up a fight. They also sported the familiar blue tail that is a distinctive feature of these beautiful creatures.

I paddled all the way back to the lake and almost got too shallow. All the fish were caught at the same corner but before long they will be chasing bait in the main lake at all the old go-to spots.

I can't wait!

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