Thursday, February 04, 2010

Speed Fishing II

The work schedule in Salt Lake City left little room for another trip to Heber, but I finally managed to break away on Wednesday afternoon with enough time to get in a little fishing time before heading back down to the valley.

Tracy and I had plans to attend Bible study with the Mid Valley Church of Christ in Sandy UT later that evening.

We worshiped with this group of Christians on Sunday and were glad to see that they are doing well in the Lord.

Some may say that driving up Parley's canyon and back just to fish for 40 minutes in the winter is a little extreme but my philosophy (borrowed from Kevin Wilson) is that you fish when you can not when you should.

I was glad to find some hungry browns and a few feisty rainbows which made the 1.5 hr round trip well worth it.

This was the first fish and it was a beautifully colored brown. Click on the picture and check out the red outline of the fins and tail.

After searching the upper end of the pool, I found a nice pod of rainbows near the tailout.

This brown had a silver sheen and was a fine jumper - something I've seen before on Snake Creek.

The rainbows weren't huge but were healthy and put up quite a fight.

I spent my short time at the big swirly pool and just a little downstream where I found this nice 15"er. I was hoping to get down below the trestle but that will have to wait until the next trip.

God surely blessed me with this trip and many others like it to this spot. I could have stayed longer and probably would have caught more fish. Instead, I left with enough time to have dinner with Tracy and to attend the services of the church where we studied about the Revelation of Christ given to the apostle John.

God gives me His best every day. He deserves my best efforts to serve Him and to grow in the knowledge of His word and the understanding of His will.

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