Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's End

The heat of summer is beginning to wear me down. This year has been especially harsh as there has been a lack of rain and weeks of temps above 95 degrees.

That being said, we have spent more time outdoors this year and have figured out how to beat the dog days of summer.

We arrived on Friday and after a delicious meal at Spoonbills we tossed our topwaters into the setting sun. While we didn't catch any keepers, we did see some big trout in the river.

In my opinion, we have the best spot on the river. We get to see scenes like this most every night. Pelican Point is accurately named!

We took the Second Honeymoon for a ride up the river on Saturday morning. Tracy scored early catching this redfish on a topwater. I brought some live shrimp and we managed to boat four trout by the time we arrived back at the launch.

We saw another alligator in the river on the way back. This one was between 12-14 feet and didn't look like anything I wanted to swim with. Anyone want to go skiing?

Here are the specks - all over 19". I know what we will be having for supper one day soon!

The colors on these predators are spectacular in natural sunlight.

Saturday afternoon saw us fishing live shrimp under popping corks out in front of the trailer. We caught mostly ladyfish and other small stuff until Tracy caught this nice fat speck.

The day ended with another beautiful sunset. The days are already starting to get shorter and before long the weather will moderate. I'm looking forward to the fall and the flounder run. We are also ready to launch the kayaks for a trip to the marsh as soon as we can do so without risking heat stroke.

Pelican Point RV & Boat slips has provided us a place to get away from the daily grind and an opportunity to spend some time together pursuing our fishing, beachcombing, and kayaking.

We are blessed to have found this spot and look forward by God's grace to many more enjoyable trips.

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