Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big Ugly

The fishing was a little slow this weekend but there were some surprising catches made at PPRV #7. We got to see a picture of a 29 1/2" trout our neighbors caught off the rocks in front of our spot so we were eager to get in on some of that action.

Tracy (definitely NOT a big ugly) caught this nice 20" trout on a topwater on Friday evening.

The big girl had a cat eye on one side.

Here is the happy fisher and her catch. Catching a big trout is always fun!

After an unsuccessful trip up river in the boat, I managed to catch my own big trout on live shrimp off the bank in front of the trailer. I had two trout blow up on my topwater but both managed to perform a Houdini manuver and got loose before I could bring them to the boat.

After lots of slack time I hooked this huge black drum aka "Big Ugly". It was 41" long and weighed in at 36 lbs! We see these brutes working up the shoreline but since we normally fish with lures, we haven't caught one until now. I could have done a commercial for the light tackle industry as this guy really tested my graphite rod and 14lb line! After measurement and some pics it went back to the river.

We kept on fishing with the shrimp and I snagged this big sheepshead.

These guys have some chompers! They can be found nibbling barnacles off the rocks.

My dentist would have a field day with this mouth.

Tracy caught a few hardheads but couldn't seem to get into the variety of fish that were taking my shrimp. She fished hard all day but couldn't seem to find the trout.

Everything will eat shrimp - even this jack crevalle. You never know what you are going to catch in the Colorado river.

We were blessed with this beautiful sunset as the day cane to a close. We had enough trout for our dinner and to share with our neighbors. God is good.

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