Saturday, July 04, 2009

Topwater Trout at Noon?

The past couple of weekends have been brutally hot. Temps in the triple digits and not much wind has made for some tough fishing conditions.

I recently read on a guide's fishing report that he was recommending throwing topwater lures near midday. I thought I would give it a try and was surprised with the results.

We have also been figuring out the trick to fishing in the "Second Honeymoon". We finally got some fish slime on her as we caught some nice trout in the river.

Tracy has really taken to fishing for trout with tops. She can really "walk the dog".

This 20" trout had an 8" mullet in it's belly and still wanted the spook jr.

Ken & Nelda's sign brought us good luck!

The boat earned it's keep today.

Tracy always catches the pretty ones.

Here is the first mate at the dock as I go to back the trailer down the ramp.

This 22 1/2", 3+lb trout hit a full sized super spook at noon. It was 100deg in the shade!

Go figure...

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