Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boat Ride

We took the boat out for a spin this morning.

The river was calm and there was rain predicted for later on in the day.

Hop in and let's take a ride...

First you have to launch successfully - watch out for the hidden sandbar!

Click on the video above to experience the ride.

Always slow down as you pass fellow fishermen to keep from creating a wake.
Once you get clear you can get back on plane and cruise at 25-30 mph.

Captain John at the helm.

We were up to our old game of chasing speckled trout with topwaters. We returned to the same spot up river where we had caught several specks. The big sows were hanging out near this concrete bank stabilization. We aren't sure if this is a feeding or spawning spot but all the big trout we have caught here are full of eggs.

We had a few pesky skipjack trying to hit our spooks.

This little guy got tangled up with a lure almost as big as himself.

Tracy struck silver on her first cast. She saw a fish working, made an accurate cast just beyond the fish and worked the lure right into the fish's strike zone.

I didn't get a picture of Tracy's first (or second) trout but she took this one of my first topwater trout of the morning.

In a couple of hours we had boxed four nice trout - one just under 20" and three over.

We each caught two fish - just enough for a nice meal for us and some to give away!

Now it's time to head back to the launch.

Here is the view of the boat slips - the ramp is on the right side.

After backing the trailer down the ramp, it's time to bring the boat in.

Once you get it lined up you can drive the boat right up on the trailer.

Most excellent photography by my First Mate, Tracy.

Thanks for visiting and for coming along for the ride!

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