Sunday, March 01, 2009

"T" is for Topwater

Friday after a field trip to Markham with some of my co-workers, Tracy and I found ourselves at PPRV #7. The weather had been overcast and warm all day with a prevailing SSE breeze. After the fun we had last week with the topwater lures, we decided to try our luck again in the few hours remaining before sundown.

Conditions were right for some big fish to be feeding as there was a late season cold front on the way. This was my first fish and she was a beauty.

Tracy followed up with her own topwater trout. This was a beautifully colored speck.

We were feeling pretty happy with the first two fish caught on the stringer.

This is my "Dream Fish". I told Tracy that the night before I had dreamed of tying on my biggest Super Spook and catching a big trout. I tied it on and made two casts before hooking up with this nice fat speckled trout.

We had eight big specks on the string by the time it got dark. I had the light hooked up and after we at a quick supper, we were back at it catching several specks.

Everything we caught was too small at first. Then Tracy answered the call by adding #9 to the stringer.

We took these to the cleaning table about 9PM. When we returned I kept on fishing as Tracy went to take a shower and caught one more keeper before calling it a night.

Saturday morning the cold front came in with strong winds from the north.

I caught a couple of undersized specks early but for the most part, there wasn't any action on the tops all day. That's OK - We had enough fun on Friday to last all weekend!

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