Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

The weather looked promising for the weekend and we were eager to get back to McNab in the kayaks. It had been several weeks for me and a few months for Tracy.

We launched a little after 8AM on Saturday. The winds had been fairly stiff on Friday but were mostly calm at this hour. I rigged Tracy up with a double shot of Sugar Spice Glow Gulp shrimp on one rod and a crankbait on the other.

I started out with a new Spook Jr. topwater as we fished Oyster Reef Fork.

The chartreuse/silver lure fooled this nice 16" speck and I quickly had one on the string.

This would be a nice start to our supper tonight!

We paddled all the way back to the lake and didn't get another strike. I spotted a nice red crashing bait in the back channel we call Gator Cut. Since Tracy hadn't found her fish yet I tried to get her a shot but the red had other ideas and took off before she got a chance at him.

It was a tougher paddle on the way out as the wind had come up to about 10mph. Tracy took this great shot of my catch with a sky background when we made it back to the launch.

Tracy wasn't ready to accept a skunk for all of her hard paddling. We both enjoyed getting the plastic navy back into the marsh but there were still some fish in the river as we were about to soon find out.

The same lure that had fooled my trout in the morning proved to be the ticket for this fat speck. This one was an inch longer than mine and quite a bit heavier. We continued to thrash the top of the river until dark with a couple of half hearted strikes but no takers.

Here is the Fisherman's view as the sun slipped over the trees.

I finally hooked up one more time on this 14-incher. We will be back in a couple of weeks!

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