Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Fish Knife

Paul provided me with a custom fillet knife for my Christmas present this year and I've been eager to put it into action.

We both had a lot going on this week but found a way to meet for lunch in Matagorda County and make our way to PPRV #7 for a couple of hours of fishing before dark.

After cast netting up some finger mullet, Paul struck first with this little red.

He demonstrated his skill by hooking and landing this guy while talking to Scott on the phone!

I missed the first couple of bites but finally connected with this nice speck.

This red was small but they are always fun to catch.

I had hoped for a redfish to try out the new knife but this big trout proved to be the first.

The blade on this knife has a little more backbone than a normal fillet knife but was flexible enough to do a good job on the tender skin of the trout.

The mesquite handle of the P11 fit my hand like a glove (or a mitten).

Guess what Tracy & I are having for supper tomorrow night?

Now for the "one that got away" story. Paul had just baited and cast his line out when he decided to head to the trailer for a quick break. "Catch a big one", he said in jest but the joke turned out to be on him. Shortly after he left his rod began to twitch and I picked it up and set the hook.

I never got to see the fish but it was BIG and heavy. I fought it for about 10 minutes and he came close to spooling me a couple of times but I kept him in the zip code until Paul returned. He took this picture and went to get the net as I worked the monster up close to the rocks. The fish stayed deep and must have found a rock or a reef to rub against as the line gave way. I'm convinced it was a big black drum the way it was fighting.

The weather was beautiful and it turned out to be a great time of fishing and conversation. We must do this again soon!

Thanks again for the great knife brother!

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