Saturday, November 08, 2008

One of those days...

Picture a beautiful fall morning - low 40's at daybreak and warming up to the high 70's by afternoon. The sky was as clear as a crystal and the wind was calm.

We got up at a respectable 5:30AM and saw the sun rise on the way to Matagorda. There was enough sun and warmth when we arrived at the McNab launch to awaken the hoard of mosquitoes but we quickly left them behind as we started our paddle to the lake.

We fished all the likely spots on the way in without any success but I did see a flounder up on top chasing bait - pretty cool!

When we hit the lake it was as calm as glass - a fairly rare site - and I started working to the right along the shoreline. I was casting a red and white MirroDine and saw lots of mullet but no redfish.

About half way down the shoreline, I spotted some big bubbles near the outlet of a small duckpond into the main lake. As I drifted by, I saw the source of the bubbles as a decent red created a big fuss in his attempt at crushing the fleeing bait. I made my cast and was immediately rewarded with a solid hookup.

Fish on!

This 25" - 6lb red put up a fight and took me for a ride like I haven't experienced in a while.

While I was having fun with the red Tracy was fighting some equipment problems across the lake. To add insult to injury, a crab stole one of her Sugar Spice Glow Gulp shrimp! Of course "the guide" had all the replacements in my boat so Tracy got in some exercise as she paddled across. I cut the tangle out of her line and re-rigged her bait and we headed down towards the corner.

Mama needs a fish....

Well good reader, Mama caught her fish and then some. As I was watching some reds crushing bait in the back channel I call "Gator Cut", Tracy hooked up on her first red. She was fishing the Gulp and moving along the shoreline when she spotted a tail. After an unsuccessful cast, she realized that this was a pod of feeding reds. They got pretty close to her and she got the Gulp out in front and the fight was on!

Before I could get to her, Tracy had her net out and with a little long distance encouragement landed her own redfish. Now that might not seem like a big deal to some but believe me it takes some doing to tame a fighting fish and to maneuver it close enough to your yak to put it in a net!

After stringing up Tracy's red, I headed back to the Gator Cut. Tracy stayed in the area and tried to find the rest of the pod. As I approached the corner my cell phone began to go off and it was a work call. About half way through the call I hear these magical words behind me..."Fish on"..."BIG FISH ON!"

Of course I can't respond but I start paddling towards her with one hand while talking on the phone with the other. Tracy's red #2 is giving her a ride. When I finally got there to help, Tracy had the feisty fighter pretty well worn down.

I finally made it back to the Gator Cut but the reds had moved out. I fished the channel and was rewarded with a nice 19" - 3lb flounder. I was fishing the Gulp shrimp on one hook and a white Gulp crab on the other. The flounder hit the crab!

It was nearly 11AM and time to head for the launch. We had a stringer full of fish and a long paddle to make so it was goodbye McNab for now.

The reds were beautifully colored and went 25", 23", and 21".

This has been a good couple of days with lots of paddling and some great fish. We didn't catch a lot of fish but we didn't lose any and the fish were all quality catches.

This trio of reds in the fish bag are heading to the cleaning table.

After eating our sandwiches for lunch, we spent the afternoon on the beach. The water was beautiful and I searched the dunes for sea beans while Tracy spent some time picking up shells. These activities along with the sound of the surf really allow for some reflection and stress release. It is impossible for me to imagine how someone could not find peace on an undeveloped beach. God has truly blessed us with some beautiful places and this is definitely one of them

We took the fresh flounder fillets to Spoonbills and let Edie work her charm by baking them and serving them up with her black beans, aromatic rice, and mango salsa.

One of those days!


Bawana said...

Hey can I have that number? You know the one I can call anytime I want something, even when your fishing number.

Paul Batchelder said...

I will give them a ring next weekend and see who answers Mr. Red or Flattie!