Friday, November 07, 2008

Lady Luck

Some days are just meant for fishing. We had some cloudy weather on Thursday with a little rain as a weak cold front came through leaving behind a beautiful Friday. The temperature was mild in the 70's and though there was a little breeze the sun felt warm and inviting.

I got Tracy an early BD gift - a new stakeout pole. This one is longer and more slender than the PVC version she has been using and it proved to be better for poking into the bottom and holding the Magic in place.

We launched at McNab after lunch with high hopes of finding some fish at the Oyster Reef Fork.

There was a small boat trailer at the launch and we quickly figured out that it belonged to the crabmen. We saw them coming checking traps as we were heading out. Tracy wondered aloud if they were going to stir up the fish with their little motorboat.

The wind was pretty strong at times but every so often it would just lay down. Kayak fishing is a challenge in the wind especially when the current is moving as well. The tide was dropping so the current was flowing out and when the wind would blow it was in the opposite direction. Sometimes the boats would start to spin as the wind was affecting it from above and the current from below.

I had provided Tracy with some advice on flounder earlier in the day. "They hit with a definite THUMP. When you feel that, stop what you are doing and wait. After 10-20 seconds or so, come tight and if there seems to be resistance, set the hook. When you reel her in you may feel like it's just dead weight but be ready when the fish hits the surface.It's a good idea to have the net nearby as flounder often shake loose right at the boat."

I guess Tracy was listening cause soon after we arrived at the spot she was hooked up. Everything seemed to be just like I had described until the fish took off on a drag screaming run. She held on and fought her back to the boat as I quickly got in position to assist.

We had a few tense moments as the fish still had some fight in her but with me offering advice and Tracy expertly bringing her rod up we were able to net her another 20" flounder!

I was really excited as I had dreamed of catching another big flounder and was hoping they hadn't all headed out to sea. Of course in my dream, I was on the rod and but watching Tracy catch the big girl was almost as much fun as catching it myself.

We fished a while more without any bites and headed on to the Corners and then to Trout Junction. We took up our normal positions and after a few casts I heard Tracy say "I have another one". Sure enough she was on another big flattie and once again I made the assist.

The first one was an even 20" and 3.6 lbs and number 2 was 19" and 2.7 lbs.

We continued on to Triple Junction and I fished the Little Lake without getting a single bite. This day was all Tracy as she caught and landed the only two fish that bit either of our lines.

By the time we made our way out the autumn sun had slipped below the horizon and the last of the skeeters came out in force.

I'm glad one of us had some luck today - maybe tomorrow will be my turn!

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Bawana said...

Hey Hombre, just stay on that camera and keep those great shots coming!