Saturday, October 25, 2008

McNab is on Fire

I wish I could say that I was talking about the fishing.

We didn't get out until after lunch and the water was high and still rising. The incoming tide and ESE breeze made for easy paddling on the way in but the fish were all but non-existent.

We did a little beachcombing in the morning and noticed a lot of smoke in the direction of McNab and sure enough when we arrived the crabbers and locals were watching a pretty sizable brush fire adjacent to the area we intended to fish.

The prevailing breeze was taking the fire and smoke away from us so we decided to launch and give it a try. We weren't sure if the fire was intentional or not but surmised that they were letting it burn either way.

We saw two other kayakers from Waco who were coming in after taking the right hand fork at the Oyster Reef Fork and making the loop back to Trout Junction. They had only caught a couple of small fish and were thinking about changing locations.

After thoroughly fishing the Oyster Reef Fork all we had to show for it was this one undersized trout caught on the Gulp Jerk Shad in Neon Chartreuse Pepper.

We continued to The Corners and Trout Junction without as much as a nibble and finally ended up at Triple Junction.

Tracy fished the main channel at the confluence of Little Lake and the back entrance to The Trout Pond and I headed out for a tour of Little Lake.

After arriving at the back of the lake without a bite, I decided to troll back to join Tracy. I left my Gulp Jerk Shad out about 200 yards behind me and began paddling at a nice easy pace.

Before long I was rewarded with a rod bouncing in the holder and managed this little speck. Tracy had come into Little Lake to join me as she had yet to experience the first bite.

I continued to fish the Gulp and soon had another bite - this time from a keeper flounder. I'm pretty sure I lost flounder #2 in the main channel before we decided to continue on.

We paddled out to the main lake and fished the mouth and along the area to the left of the mouth I call Flounder Flats but couldn't scare up a fish for love or money.

We finally headed back to the Oyster Reef Fork paddling against the current and breeze the whole way. It was reminiscent of the first paddling experience only without the wet seat. We again fished the reefs without any luck and called it a day.

While we are thankful for an afternoon on the water and a nice 18" flounder for the grill, it's pretty tough fishing and paddling for 4 hours without a bite. Tracy enjoys kayak fishing but she also enjoys the catching part.

I'd better find the fish soon or we may need to try some other ways to spend time together. <'(((<<


Paul Batchelder said...

Nice flounder..I may have to join you soon!

Bawana said...

That fish loooks a little flat, did you accidently puncture its air bladder??