Friday, October 24, 2008

Historical Significance

I spent the week in Virginia on business and even though we were busy with the matters at hand, a co-worker and I took the time to drive in to DC to see some of the sights at night. We parked near the Jefferson Memorial and walked across the mall to the Lincoln Memorial.

The Washington Monument is majestic at night even in this blury picture.

The Lincoln Memorial at dusk is a striking sight and stands as a symbol of freedom.

The walls are covered with Lincoln's words and each visitor is struck by a sense of awe.

We walked around and visited the Korean War Veterans Memorial. I wish I had tried to take a picture as it was one of the most striking scenes in the park at night.

The remainder of the week was spent in places like Manassas, Charlottesville, Wintergreen, Appomattox and other Virginia locals all of which provided the backdrop of history and beautiful fall foliage.

When I arrived back in Texas, I grabbed my bride and headed for Matagorda for a night in the historic Stanley Fisher House Bed & Breakfast. We have been trying to book a room here since Labor Day and finally got our schedule and theirs on the same page.

The place is rich with history and the owners, Rik and Peggy Stanley, were welcoming and gracious hosts.

We saw a small buck skipping across the front lawn as we were heading off to Spoonbills for dinner.

The furnishings and decor are all coordinated to compliment this grand old building.

For the history buff there are cases filled with military figurines.

The Civil War was a predominant theme throughout the house.

Upstairs there were several photos of the war generals.

Coffee was served outside our room as a great breakfast was being prepared downstairs.

The porch was comfortable and the patio outside is made from bricks from the original chimney.

The sunroom or "inside porch" was also inviting and cool.

I thought the Confederate soldier's cap was a great accent.

This is one corner of our room. Blue is my favorite color!

The composite picture on the left was made using several portraits - even before Photoshop.

After dinner we made a trip to Palacios to fish on the pier. The fishing was slow and even though we caught a few sand trout, our enthusiasm quickly waned.

Tracy caught this ribbon eel on the MirrOdine.

This toothy guy looks like he is made of chrome and makes great bait for offshore fishing.

Kevin and his neighbor joined us after catching a bite at Baytown Seafood. They weren't having any better luck until Kevin caught this monster Yellowtail on the 'Dine.

Who's eating Who?

As we said goodbye to the folks at SF B&B,
I got a shot at this hawk on our way to the beach.

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Nice shots of the B&B looks like a very interesting place.