Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reds in the Surf

I don't know why Tracy has such a hard time following instructions.

We made a trip to the beach on Saturday afternoon to pick some shells and soak a few dead shrimp. After catching nothing but hardheads and one small whiting, I moved down the beach to a bowl-like structure and cast to the edge. The incoming surf and outgoing currents caused by the shape of the beach moved the small piece of shrimp tantalizingly into the path of some bigger whiting.

After catching a few and getting my picture taken, I suggested that Tracy put down her knitting and join me. "It's easy and fun", I said as I got her rigged up. Tracy has become quite proficient with her Lady Trion combo so after baiting up and showing her where I had been casting I got out of the way and let her fish. Here is an example of her casting skills.

After missing a couple and thinking she had nothing but seaweed, the next thing I knew she pulled a nice redfish out of the little bowl.

"Hey wait a minute!" I exclaimed. "I thought I said whiting - not redfish". Well true to form back out she went and caught another red. All the while my luck had changed and I was back to catching hardheads. Before long the fun was over and it was time to head back in for supper.

I'll tell you, you can buy a rod & reel, rig it up, bait the hook, and try to show some people how to catch whiting - but they still insist on having their own way! :)

Nice catch Tracy - maybe you need to start teaching me a thing or two.

After supper we finished off the shrimp by fishing along the beach road (which yielded nothing) and at the Colorado River Locks.

We caught several small fish including some nice mangrove snapper, but nothing to keep. The rocks finally got the best of us and we left a few rigs behind as we headed for home.

I did get this cool picture of a huge blue crab caught by you-know-who.


Renna said...

It looks like you-know-who is showing you up! ;-)

Wool Winder said...

It's because you're such a good teacher.

Bawana said...

Better watch out She's learning fast!

Paul Batchelder said...

The salt water look good! Nice catch!

AKman said...

Looks like Great fun!