Monday, July 21, 2008

Green to the Beach

Since work will have me tied up for the remainder of the week, I took advantage of the fair weather on Monday to treat Tracy and me to a dinner out and a little fun in Matagorda County.

We had missed our weekend trip to Spoonbills so that was our target for dinner and we packed the rods and some lures "just in case" we had time to fish afterwards.

My buddy Tony caught a trout in Palacios on Friday on a shiny MirrOdine lure and I brought a couple along with some other hardbaits to try in the surf.

We arrived in town shortly before the restaurant opened and rode out to the beach. The surf was nearly flat and the water was green all the way to the beach! We had not seen such clear water in a while and I got pretty excited about the prospects of catching something off the jetty as the sun went down.

Dinner at Spoonbills was predictably delicious and we had a nice visit with Edie & Marie. After supper it was time to head to the water and try our luck in the evening surf.

We started with a TTF Weedless Flats Minnow along the jetty rocks.

There were several fishermen on the pier and a few wadefishermen but other than a few hardheads, small croaker, and sand trout, nobody was catching anything.

The scenery was great and even though the fish weren't cooperative it was great to be out enjoying the evening.

Tracy took a break after we tried the MirrOdine with no success.

Before the sun went all the way down I received a call from Kevin who was on his way to Palacios. "Road Trip!" We decided to change venues and join Kevin and his daughter for some pier fishing. The Braves were playing the Marlins and we could catch the game on the XM radio so the 30 minute trip to Palacios went by quickly.

Tracy nailed a nice 13" speck on the twin shad rig.

Big Daddy John with the largest fish of the night - 14-7/8" Speck.

We stayed out too late and even though we caught lots of small sand trout and a few specks the big ones never showed up in force. It was a beautiful evening to be out and with the possibility of summer storms (like Dolly) lurking out there it is wise to take advantage of fair weather when it comes our way.

Fishing takes attitude!


Renna said...

LOL at your last comment. Your wife looks like she has the attitude! ;-Þ

The fish were beautiful specimens, and the scenery pictures, as always, are gorgeous. You guys seem to be having a great summer. :-)

Paul Batchelder said...

I need an attitude adjustment!

Bawana said...

Nice Post John, looks like a great time!