Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two for One Weekend

Friday turned out to be a beautiful day and after piddling away the morning at the doctor's office there was only one thing to do with the remains of the day.

The trip to Matagorda went quickly since we left the boats at home. Our plan was to drive down the beach and to end up at the pier to watch the sun go down.

The cattle were scattered up in the dunes and ended up being the only companions we had after the first few miles. We ended up going about 13 miles down the beach and got to see some pretty water along the way.

Beef on the Beach


On the return to the pier, we took a short detour at the 3-mile cut area and followed some back roads (tracks) to some sweet looking paddle sites.

Photobucket Future Site of Many Paddles

The pier was empty and I drowned a few shrimp but didn't hook up on any jumbos like my co-worker and his bride did the weekend before.

Terry & Sharron with some jumbos

Shrimp anyone?

Matagorda Sunset

We had a nice supper of broiled whole flounder at the Waterfront restaurant and heard that the only good fishing in the area was at Oyster Lake on an incoming tide.

Saturday was paddle day and we decided to start at McNab Lake. The tide was coming in and I had high hopes of once again finding the fish. Tracy and I met a father and young son in a canoe working their way back to the lake. His advice was to fish the mouth of the main channel with live finger mullet or crab as that had been his secret to success.

I tried the mouth, the cove, John's Pocket and finally set up the back channel.


I found some working fish and finally connected with the white Gulp.


Not a keeper but full of fight and fun to catch.

We had lunch at Spoonbills and headed for the marsh behind 3-mile that we located the previous day. It was a great paddle and we saw some tailing reds but couldn't get any to take what I was offering.

Wading East Matagorda Bay
Photobucket Return to the Launch

We had a great weekend until the ride home. I now know two things that I didn't before:

1) How to change a tire on the Jeep

2) National Tire & Battery is open on Sunday

Oh well - you have to take the thorns with the roses!


Paul Batchelder said...

Sounds like you were picking up more than shells on the beach! There looks to be some new promising spots!

Bawana said...

Nice shots, what the heck are those Jumbos??????