Sunday, July 22, 2007

Many Thanks

I got the official send-off from the two groups I managed for the last four years.

Both honored me with a gift card to a sporting goods store so I got busy and picked out some fishing gear that put their generosity to good use.

Many thanks to everyone for the time we spent together and for the gifts!

I've been looking at a new fishing rod and reel for some time now. I've always been a spincaster but have lately decided to join the Texas Saltwater crowd and get into the levelwind, low profile, bait caster club.

I ordered the reel, an Abu Garcia REVO SX from Cabelas and purchased a sweet 7 foot HXS graphite H&H rod from Gander Mountain.

I took the combo out for a practice run this afternoon and despite the heat I managed to hook a few bass in Evans Lake.

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Fish On!

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Catch of the Day

Even though I adjusted the settings I still got a few backlashes so I'd better "practice" some more before taking it out after the big redfish.


C-Boy said...

I'm sorry but I didn't know anything about any send-offs or my butt would have been there to see you off. Oh well, as I said before, you'll always be a friend to me.
Good luck with your new rig!


Bawana said...

Its all in the wrist, remember whipping apples? Its alot like that only different.

Paul Batchelder said...

Yea look out for the cars! Keep with it you will find a use for both type reels. I still like the spinning rig for light stuff but once you get the hang of the revo you will be sailing it!