Friday, July 13, 2007

Fresh Water

Palacios Bay is too fresh.

The piers are close to the mouth of the river and that's got fishing messed up.

There are some clouds in the area but no significant rain is predicted.

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With too much rain pouring down the Tres Palacios River the trout must seek refuge in the deeper and saltier parts of the bay. So what! With an opportunity to go fishing I'm game. Who knows - we may catch a channel catfish off the pier if we are lucky.

I had invited my employees to go night fishing after our group meeting and one brave soul decided to go. I knew Sandy would be up for fishing of any sort. She traveled all the way from Utah and wasn't going to let a little fresh water keep her from fishing in the bay.

We arrived while it was still daylight and picked up some live bait. Grassy Point only had live croakers as the bay water was too fresh to keep shrimp alive. They reported that the shrimpers were even losing their catch by pulling the nets up through the fresh water. OK - Croaker it is! We fished off the jetties until dark.

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Sandy is ready to fish.

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Sunset over the Shrimping Fleet

After dark we hit the 1st Street Pier and I caught several small croaker and a few small black drum on dead shrimp while Sandy soaked the croaker waiting for a big redfish, shark, or whatever to come along.

All in all it was a nice night on the pier even if we didn't catch any trout.

The saltwater will return!


Bawana said...

It was a surprise to hear that fresh water could be a bad thing.

Paul Batchelder said...

Looks like no end in sight for the fresh water!