Saturday, February 24, 2007

February Fatties

After getting blown out last night in Palacios my fishing fever was getting out of hand. I spent the morning and early afternoon on the computer playing with my new software - TaxCut!

When I finally finished reporting to Uncle Sam, there were still a few hours of daylight left so I headed over to Evans Lake to see if any bass might cooperate.

It was still windy but there were some calm edges and I had a suspicion that I could find a hungry bass or two if I was careful and quiet.

I started fishing with a Swayback Spook topwater. I got one blow up but jerked it away before I got a hookup.

I had to remind myself - "Slow down"!

I switched to a small gold spoon I bought for white bass fishing.
A slow retrieve managed to fool this nice 15 incher.

Can you see him in the water?

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Come to Pappa John

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I threw the spoon for a while then decided to try the BGW. I left home in a hurry and did not have my normal Eagle Claw snelled bait hooks with me but I did have some large stainless saltwater hooks. I noticed that these were not as sharp as I would like but since I had left my hook sharpening stone at the house they would have to do.

I caught this nice bass but lost the next two.

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I switched to a small weedless offset hook.
and finished the day with these two fat bass.

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The wind began to die down just before sunset.

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Picture of the day

I think I can sleep in peace now and quit dreaming about fish for a day or two.

Tomorrow is Sunday my thoughts will be on a different kind of fishing -

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19


Bawana said...

Nice to have that place to experiment with and try out new things.

eatmorefish said...

White fever is sweeping the aquatic landscape...beware, there is only one cure