Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big Blow Out

The weekend was upon us and I was making preparations to go fishing in Palacios.

I have been in the "Fish Free Zone" for too long and needed to feel that tug tug on the end of my line.

My original plan was to load up "Spot" and head to the bay. I wasn't sure what the conditions were going to be other than it was fairly warm, 60's, and foggy. There was a 20% chance of rain and possible T-storms.

When I got home, my wise wife gently suggested to me that it might be best to go boatless on this trip. When I considered that this could mean more fishing time I agreed. Her concern was more about safety but in the end she was right as usual.

The wind was blowing pretty stiff when I arrived and after tossing a couple of soft plastics off the pier, I moved to the jetty in front of the RV Park & marina. This was more protected from the wind and it was nearly sundown so I thought I might get a shot at something before dark. I tried a couple of topwaters and some plastics but wasn't able to interest any strikes.

I had purchased some frozen squid so I hooked up a chunk under an orange popping cork.

On the third cast, something hit the cork. I switched back to the topwater but couldn't buy a strike.

I moved back to the pier and fished as the wind steadly increased to 25-30 mph.

I went back to the jetty and fished in the dark for a while but realized that the rocks were getting pretty slick with the overspray from the surf-like waves and I had better move back to the lights.

Finally it occured to me that if I was going to catch a fish it was going to take all I had. It was time to put it on the line!

I had seen one guy catch a hardhead off the pier when I first arrived so I thought I would try that too.

I stood on the pier as the fog was whipping by so hard that I had to remove my glasses. I finally foul hooked one stinking hardhead that was picking on my squid.

The pictures below tell the tale. My time will come!

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Windy Night on The 1st Street Pier

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The Sea Was Angry My Friend

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Flying Hardhead

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The lowly "Catch of the Day"


Bawana said...

Good thing you left the boat at home, that looked like a stiff wind Brother!

eatmorefish said...

I have been looking at the maps and getting ready for the redfish run!