Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fish Juggling

I've seen a lot of exciting sports in my life but none as entertaining as a recent exhibition of "Fish Juggling" I witnessed at one of my favorite fishing holes.

Paul had caught a nice rainbow and as I was getting out the camera to do the honors the fun began.

Now I've had trouble holding on to a fish before - in fact I had just lost the best one of the day - but the skill demonstrated by brother Paul is worthy of a gold medal.

Not only did he lose the fish back into the creek once - he lost it twice and still managed to retrieve him for a photo. I must say he looked a little like Robert Redford in the movie Jeremiah Johnson.

"Hey John"......."Take my picture"........"Whoops!"


"Now I've got you!"

Worth all the trouble!

Snake Creek Rainbow

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eatmorefish said...

Great Pictures Brother. That was quite an act! You can't see the fish I am holdong it too tight! I sure had a great time fishing up there with you, Thanks for a super trip.