Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Georgia On My Mind

What's the Boy Scout Motto? "Be Prepared"

I agree with that especially when it comes to fishing.

I made a trip to Atlanta GA this week to make a presentation and to visit one of my employees. After we conducted our part of the meeting it was time to get out and visit some field locations. Georgia is a beautiful place in the springtime - the Dogwoods were blooming and the new leaves were a fresh green color. Everywhere you looked there was a refreshing sign of new life.

This was until one of the employees at a facility near Comer, GA started talking about his pond. "My grandfather built this pond in 1951", Rick said.

"My son caught a 13lb bass out of it last year".

All thoughts of Spring and newness dissappeared as that old feeling started to creep up on me.

You know - the sickness.

Rick then asked Wayne and I if we would like to go fish a while. Well it was quitting time and we didn't have to be back until later... and as luck would have it I did have my ultralight along.
(actually I had two rods and two reels and a box full of BGWs and small crankbaits)

OK OK I sort of planned this. I had mentioned to Wayne that I could bring the tools if he could find the place. I just wasn't figuring on a beautiful pond full of willing bass and the chance at taking a real lunker.

We did catch some nice fish and had a great time even if it was too short.

Wayne Struck First with the BGW.

Hey Joe - This is what a fisherman looks like.

Pretty Fish and Feisty too!

Future Lunker

Thanks Rick for a great time fishing in your pond!

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