Saturday, April 15, 2006


Time to get in shape.

Brother Mark - you have inspired me! After my latest checkup I decided it was time to get some exercise and the time was right for a couple of bikes.

We found the Schwinn Voyager Sport had just the features we were looking for.

We are not really big on the "His & Hers" scene but these were just different enough to suit us.

We have been riding in Brazos Bend State Park the past two Saturdays.

Brazos Bend is known for many things.

"Home of the American Alligator"

"Home of exotic birds"
White Ibis
American Bittern

Oh - did I mention alligators?

There are lots of trails and shade.
Some even lead to some small lakes.
(Are you getting the picture?)
"I need to stop and rest....

Hello Neighbor!

I did get some exercise - both my legs and arms got a workout!

Later this evening after grilling some burgers I headed out to Evans Lake for the last hour before sunset. I caught the second tagged fish - Pierre.

Tag ID 14 - AKA "Pierre" W=2.1lb, L=16.0"

Happy Easter everyone

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obawana said...

Ok, you got me. Fish on! I took the bike bait not even aware that it contained a hook, much less how it would feel when you set it.It wouldn't be so bad but I do have a dentist apointment tommorow and he is sure to have some questions concerning this red hole in my cheek.