Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Flies and Lures

I've been experiencing a new wave of "the fever"

After catching some bass on the Rapala the other day, I've started thinking that I need to be prepared for some other tactics besides the reliable old big green worm (BGW).

Paul gave me some new streamers and poppers he had tied. They are beauties and look like they will fish well. He also found a new soft plastic called the Original Texas Weedless Wacky Worm®. This is sure to be a "hit" with the bass in Evans lake.
He said they were flying off the shelves and were not easy to find.

I went by a favorite sporting goods store (Academy) and sure enough they were completely out. Lucky for me they did have some stick baits and top waters on sale.

I picked up some silver/black floating Rapalas and a couple of "Hula Poppers" made by Arbogast Lures.

I also bought a couple of topwater lures from Storm called The Chug Bug.

I stopped off on my way home to see what was happening with the "King" of Evans Lake and to drop off some of the soft plastics. It's always a good idea to share!

The wind was blowing about 15 mph but I thought a couple of casts wouldn't hurt as long as I was in the neighborhood.

I was surprised when the only thing that seemed interested were the panfish.

This Bluegill took the Chug Bug off the surface.

This Green Sunfish also hit the big topwater lure.

I think they were actually going for the tail of the lure which is made out of an iridescencet pearl flash material. I may need to make some poppers out of this.

I was about convinced that all the bass had packed up left the lake when I finally picked up a small resident that was willing to join the fish study.

Tag ID 07 - AKA "Tiny" was caught at 5:05PM. W=0.7lb, L=11.5"

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