Saturday, March 04, 2006

"I'm Too Excited to Sleep"

Why is it that getting up early to go fishing is easier than getting up to go to work? You would think that after a long week of busy days and late evenings I would have been ready for a "do nothing day". I had plenty of things that need doing - mowing grass (weeds), cleaning the garage, paying bills, etc. but when the call for reinforcements came late Friday evening, I just had to respond.

Paul Sr. and eldest son had engaged the white bass in the East Fork of the San Jacinto in battle and they had won the first skirmish. They were set for an early morning raid to beat the Saturday morning fishermen and wanted to know if I could accompany them. Well, I'll tell you the thought of getting up before dawn to go fishing is balm for the soul. There is nothing I needed more than a day of thinking about something other than work. I will be travelling again next week and will miss the funeral of a dear friend so some time to think and pray is just what I needed.

We hit the water early and by 9:00AM we had caught plenty of fish. Paul Jr. & I decided to keep only the big ones and Paul Sr. strung up all he caught that were legal. We all caught as many small ones as we did keepers and it was a great morning of fishing. This one will go in my all-time great fishing days file.

The only trouble we had was trying to keep up with Paul Sr. on the way to the fishing hole. He was high stepping like a Tennessee Walker through the brush in his fancy wader pants and Jr. & I were huffing and puffing trying to keep up. I'm not so sure I can compete unless I drop a few pounds. Keep the Starbucks away from that guy!

Paul Jr. with an early morning White.

The Mutual Admiration Society.

"Fat n Sassy" You know it when you have hold of one this size.


The Confidence Bait in action.

Morning tally:
Paul Sr. - 20 (16.7 lbs)
Paul Jr. -10 (9.2 lbs)
JB - 8 (8.9 lbs)

I went for size over quantity.

Strong coffee at 4:30AM - $2.50
Ultralight fishing rod $24.00
Box of White Roostertails. $10.00

Fishing for white bass with your brother and nephew - priceless!


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I had to try this morning to see if it was any better, after the slow afternoon . In the water at 6:45am out at 9am...13 fish.