Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slam and Mini-Slam

They say size matters and that is especially true when talking with fishermen.

We got an early start on this Saturday the first official day of Spring Break.

We headed down the Diversion Channel to our favorite spot - The Redfish Hole. As you can see from the picture above it lived up to its name! This 25 incher put up a good fight.

We tried several spots including the cove and even headed up river as the wind began building. It's not much fun being exposed in a 15-20 mph wind. Tracy caught two of the keeper trout but her Mojo wore off early. She fished hard all morning but the fish just didn't cooperate.

After lunch I cleaned the morning's catch and the boat. I was still wanting to see my fishing partner redeem herself so I picked up another pint of live shrimp on the way back from dropping off the boat. Tracy caught a small flounder right away and before long I caught this nice keeper to complete my slam.

Earlier in the day I had caught a 14-incher which is technically the legal minimum but I didn't keep it as fish are known to shrink a little after being on ice. You can see my new springtime secret weapon - the 2" Bass Assassin Chicken on a Chain swim bait. This is a freshwater bass or crappie offering but after reading up on springtime flounder habits and realizing they are suckers for small finfish I thought it would be worth a try. Guess my hunch paid off!

Tracy fished hard all afternoon trying to find that keeper fish. The wind was from the SSE which made fishing off the rocks in front of our trailer the best spot as that put the wind at our backs.

In addition to the undersized flounder Tracy nailed several small reds.

She even found some trout but all were under the legal limit. Catching something is better than nothing but for some reason the big fish stayed away from her line almost all day.

As the day neared a close I thought of one more place we could try. We had recently caught some flounder off the boat dock so when the wind began to lay down near sunset we headed there for a few casts with our remaining bait.

Once again the big fish found my line instead of Tracy's. I added one more flounder to the bag just as the sun was dropping below the horizon.

We fished hard almost all day and caught our share of fish. It was fun to see some of all three target species caught by each of us but I hope next trip the pendulum doesn't swing all the way back.

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