Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Warriors

We had a short weekend at Matty due to a wedding but still managed to squeeze in a few more activities than you might expect.

We arrived to find a fresh hatch of mosquitoes and they were hungry!

After applying enough DEET to hold them off I tried a few casts being careful not to fall in off the rocks (that much bug spray can make you tipsy!)

We didn't find any hungry fish and it seemed the same for others we could see in nearby boats so we headed to the beach for some beaning.

Tracy found several keepers and I found a few... but we had fun just spending some time in the sand near the sounds of the Gulf. The weather was pleasantly warm and the beach wasn't too crowded. We were expecting the biggest crowds on Saturday.

After a quick supper we tried fishing under the light and were greeted by a tremendous bug hatch. In addition to the skeeters there were several other flying and buzzing critters willing to land on us or crawl into our shirts and under our hats.

Tracy once again had the hot hand and caught the biggest fish of the night. It turned out to be the biggest mullet we had seen in a while and she snagged it so it felt like a real bruiser.

How about a kiss?

I managed one small trout later but he did a self-release before I could get a picture. We fished some more in the morning with no success and finally gave up and went to Spoonbills for a chicken sandwich.

Edie and Tommy introduced us to one of the local guides and we talked about taking a ride out to West Matagorda bay with him next month. We need to get a tour before heading out or we will most surely find every sand bar and oyster reef there is.

After lunch we headed over to the storage building to install the lettering on the boat. It was quite a bit more tricky than the instructions led us to believe but we were both happy with the final results.

We made it home in time to get ready for the wedding.

It was a beautiful thing to see two young people make a lifetime commitment to each other. May God bless their marriage.

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